Tools I’ve made, for a variety of stuff.

Spirit Island Game Generator A random game generator for Spirit Island. Set the difficulty, player count and some other settings, and generate a random game to play! Also generates random board layouts.

Yet Another Input File Editor (Yaife) An editor for TAS movie files. I know these already exist (hence the name), but reading about the problems people have with editing BizHawk movie files (unzipping, finicky sync settings) and having my own troubles with Hourglass, I decided the idea could use an update.

Currently supported movie files are: BizHawk (BK2), Hourglass, Dolphin, Visual Boy Advance, PSXjin and PCSX-rr.

Torchlight 2 Save Editor A work-in-progress library (and some additional tools) for reading, editing and writing Torchlight 2 save files.