These are some games I either made or am in the process of making. Download at your own risk of getting bored or frustrated with them.

Yin Yang A puzzle game that also requires skill. This is still very much a work in progress, there need to be a lot more levels and a better menu.

Scepheo Mario Bros. One of the oldest games I made (using Game Maker!), this is an outright unfair, Nintendo-hard platformer, stealing graphics for the original Super Mario Bros. game.

Carry the Sun This is an atmospheric “puzzle” game, using colour and perspective to mess with the player.

The Museum A “rolling block” puzzle game, where you can (and have to) attach and detach other blocks to make it to the end.

Lasers A Sokoban (block-push) style puzzle, which involves moving mirrors to power the facility. Made with the incredible PuzzleScript, which I cannot recommend enough.

Breakout Heavily inspired by the wonderful Pippin Barr’s breaksout, I decided to make my own bunch-of-variants-on-well-known-game-game. As you may be able to guess from the title, it’s variants on Breakout.

L-systems Not really a game, but still – a simple L-Systems renderer I wrote to remind myself of how they worked. Polished it up a little to make it suitable for public consumption, and here it is!