Things I made that aren’t video games.

ScepPack My mappack for Trackmania Nations. Contains fifteen tracks in three different difficulty levels.

ConBrot A console Mandelbrot renderer. It’s ugly as can be, but it’s small, and that was the point. File contains source code and final .exe, compiled the way it should be.

I AM ERROR My own level for VVVVVV. Requires glitches to complete. Is also very hard. If that’s not your thing, I suggest you skip this one.

Sheep Finder A program that helps you rescue animals in the Disco Zoo game. Now up-to-date with 1.3, including the Mountain and Mars habitat.

Metal Force - Hitbox Tutorial A work-in-progress tutorial for TASers. Written for BizHawk and the titular NES game, it goes through the process of creating a hitbox Lua script. It aims to teach the reader about RAM search, Lua scripting and debugging.